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  • Employee Turned Entrepreneur - Jasmin French

    With us today is entrepreneur Jasmin French. Though she is no longer working for a big-name law firm, she still uses her law skills while also enjoying life as a self-employed entrepreneur. After being dropped from the corporate world, she…...

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  • Employee Turned Entrepreneur - Obi Orgnot

    Obi Orgnot is the next entrepreneur in “Our Heroes” series. Today we will learn how he went from being his own boss in an “unsafe” way to being his own boss in the best way he could. DD: Who are…...

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  • Employee Turned Entrepreneur - Elinor Stutz

    Elinor Stutz found unsavory deals happening at the corporation she worked for and decided to take a stand. She is the next entrepreneur for “Our Heroes,” and what a hero she is! Learn how she stuck it to corporate before…...

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  • Employee Turned Entrepreneur - Eric Sangerma

    In “Our Heroes” today we have Eric Sangerma. While traveling around Asia was an upside to the corporate job he had before, he always felt like it was jail. He broke the 9to5 jail “cold turkey.” See how: DD: Who…...

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  • Employee Turned Entrepreneur - David Wolckenhauer

    Today in the “Our Heroes” series, we have entrepreneur David Wolckenhauer who is the President of Cloudcutter Consignments, a rare coin and collectables venue. Let’s see how he works in the corporate world while keeping his entrepreneurship running smoothly. DD:…...

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