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What is the Breaking The 9 to 5 Jail?

Its a book. It is a blue print to successfully escape out of the 9 to 5 cubicle jail and start your own business. This book is an easy to follow guide, that would help the reader assess and evaluate his situation, understand how not playing, behind the playing safe excuse has been hurting him, weigh his options, consider his situation and work on the escape accordingly. It’s a self help guide that practically answers the questions and dilemmas of aspiring entrepreneurs, including the proverbial when to quit your day job question and busts some of the popular myths about startups.

How is Breaking The 9 to 5 Jail different than other business books?

Most of the books are written from a start-up perspective and address How to start a business (business plans, incorporation, funding, taxes, marketing, and strategy etc)? Breaking The 9 to 5 Jail on the other hand has been written from a pre-startup perspective and it talks about How to get to a point, where you can quit your job and start a business? It charts the employee to entrepreneur transition. We all are unique, so are our situations and so should be our plans. And this book truly follows this principle by allowing reader to help himself through numerous exercises, worksheets, checklists, and most importantly tips from successful escapees, after each section.

Who would benefit the most by reading Breaking The 9 to 5 Jail?

  • Everyday Dilbert(s) Frustrated corporate employees, looking for the perfect time and plan to escape
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs The folks who want to start their own business or go solo
  • Cold-Feet Entrepreneurs The people who have an idea for start-up, but are cold feet to take the plunge
  • First Time Entrepreneurs The people who just started their first business

Here’s what some of the noted readers and reviewers had to say…

  • A practical, step-by-step guide to take you from your “entrepreneurial seizure” (as we call it at E-Myth Worldwide) to a solid start-up business. This book leads you to the strategic questions – and answers – that every aspiring entrepreneur must ask themselves before going into business.

    – Wendy Vinson, President, E-Myth Worldwide
  • If you truly want to flee the 9 to 5 jail this book is the ideal escape map and Devesh would be your perfect accomplice.

    – Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
  • Devesh is a brilliant new voice, every want-to-be entrepreneur should listen to.

    – Ruth E Hedges, CEO,
  • So, you want to be an entrepreneur, huh? If you do, you HAVE TO read this book. The information in this book will save you a lot of time, energy, money, and headaches.

    – Tyrone Turner, Founder, Grassroots Business Network LLC.
  • If you’re even thinking about starting a small business, read this book first.

    – Kameaka M. Graves, CEO, Graves Consulting LLC.
  • It’s a must read for every want-to-be entrepreneur. This book will not just give you the theory, this book will show you the way for every step of the journey.

    – Olive Stewart, CEO, Bushelle Seasonings
  • I wish I had this book when I was starting up!

    – Arppit Maheshwari, CEO, I-Wanna-Party!