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Who’s Devesh?

Devesh is a serial entrepreneur who loves to help aspiring entrepreneurs. He started his first business, a comic books rental company, when he was 14, and since then he has founded and co-founded several businesses. He has an MBA and worked for multiple Fortune 100s in Corporate America but being a square peg he never fit in that round hole.

Devesh has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. He helps the cubicle imprisoned aspiring entrepreneurs get out of the 9-5 rat race and start a business based on their purpose, passion, and priorities.

Devesh is frequently spotted in National & major media channels including Forbes, Inc. Magazine, AMEX Open, Mashable, Business Insider etc.

Devesh is very friendly and an easy to reach person – email him at devesh(at)breakingthe9to5jail(dot)com or connect with him on Linkedin –