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Five Reasons To Have A ‘National Entrepreneurs’ Day’

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This blog post is so much more than a post, it’s a petition. I completely support this petition for National Entrepreneurs’ Day and ever since I came across it, the question “why we should or should not have an Entrepreneur’s Day” has been on my mind. In this post, I’m trying to put my thoughts together and of course, spread the word to get as much support as I can. So, take a few minutes to read through, I appreciate your time and support.

In US (and the rest of the world), there are so many Federal and State holidays commemorating distinct cultural and political events. We have holidays for teachers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, martyrs, workers… so, my question is: why don’t we have a national day for entrepreneurs? A national day isn’t really about who gets to skip work for a day and relax or go on a parade; it’s about recognition and respect.  A national day named after one of the most hardworking segments of the country’s population would be a step in the right direction – and here are my five top reasons why it is:

One. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the national economy

One of the main reasons why many cities and towns were able to roll with massive economic blows during the peak of the global recession was the existence of small businesses i.e. entrepreneurs. While small businesses generally may not generate billions of dollars of revenue per year individually, their contribution to the economy and employment is the most consistent. Entrepreneurs have always been who drove an economy out of deep recessions and depressions. Doesn’t this fact alone deserve recognition, on a national scale?

Two. Entrepreneurs need a day off, too

Though many entrepreneurs would still be working even if a national day was proclaimed in their name, at least entrepreneurs would be encouraged to take a break, at least for one day. Entrepreneurs are known for burning the candle from both ends. That’s a hard fact, and no entrepreneur will tell you that setting up a business and maintaining his start-up was an easy task. With a National Entrepreneurs’ Day, entrepreneurs can take a guilt-free break from their offices and shops. They can take a break because they deserve a day’s worth of guilt-free rest. And guess what?! When we will have the “National Entrepreneurs’ Day”, you will find us celebrating that with a conference or gathering of entrepreneurs, networking and talking about what else but their businesses… Day off?! Hmmm!

Three. Other professionals are recognized, nationally

There’s Teacher’s Day to pay homage to the tireless educators of the country, Labor’s Day to recognize the pride of the working people… why isn’t there a National Entrepreneurs’ Day to recognize the unmatched sacrifices that entrepreneurs make to survive and thrive month after month and year after year? Every type of labor has the same kind of dignity – and one’s dignity in his own labor should be recognized and remembered by all. Call it “monument-making”, but it’s far better than being forgotten completely. A National Entrepreneurs’ Day will remind everyone of the rich entrepreneurial history of the United States. Simply observing such a holiday will make our coming generation be more entrepreneurial. This day will promote and support entrepreneurship and help people realize that there is an alternative to a traditional nine to five job.

Four. Recognition equates representation

Once entrepreneurs are recognized nationally as significant contributors to State, National, and Global economies, they would have more cultural capital (via Pierre Bourdieu) and hence a stronger and better representation.

Five.  Why not?!

Seriously, after everything that the entrepreneurs’ tribe has done for this world, can you really think of a reason why should we not recognize entrepreneurs? Why should we not have a National Entrepreneurs’ Day?

So, please support the petition to President @BarackObama. One tweet is all it would take you to sign. Once you sign it, you’ll be given a unique link to Tweet and then get your friends, family, and followers sign it. Share it with as many people as you like, tweet about it, post on your Facebook wall, Digg it, StumbleUpon it, blog about it, email it, let’s get a million signatures and make sure that coming November, we wish ‘Happy Entrepreneurs’ Day’ to every entrepreneur.

Please leave your comments and thoughts below.

Power and success to all entrepreneurs!!

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