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Next BIG Thing – SassyAlternativeMusic

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Today in the “Next BIG Thing” series we speak with Rosemaire Ashley who looks at her life long passions of singing meaningful songs, personal development and consciousness evolution for her big idea.  Rosemarie plans on delivering such emotional music at motivational seminars, spiritual gatherings and socially conscious musicals and motivational films.  Her mission is to affect intentional selection of entertainment as a tool to support personal growth and global transformation.

Rosemarie currently has her website up and running while also working as a CD reviewer at Positive Music Association, and the Officer of Transformation at Positive Imperative.  She also released a CD called “From Primal to Divine” in December of 2009, with local distribution at record stores and online.  In addition, her company started to market custom designed songs through the Metro-Detroit Local Business Network (LBN) Events Chapter.

The project includes Rosemaire, a director of sales, as well as local and international composers.  The project is self-funded with a continued search to develop the connections and partnerships required to license songs for mass distribution to our target audience.

Rosemarie plans to spread the word of her company and connect with people in the film and television industry to help promote her CDs in record stores.  She is also on the look out for Metro-Detroit musicians, celebrities and radio talk show hosts.

When asked how can one help her, she has a A to Z list of suggestions which goes…

A.  Individuals can buy a CD at and spread the word.

B.  People connected to the film and television industry can provide introductions to Music Supervisors of movies, documentaries and theatre production companies.

C.  DJs can play our music and distribute promotional information.

D.  Motivational speakers, spiritual leaders, coaches, socially conscious business owners and individuals can purchase custom designed songs/advertising jingles and/or license existing songs.

E.  Record stores can carry and promote our CD.

F.  Singers can license songs for performance and recording.

G.  Interested parties can hire me for special engagement performance.

H.  Seasoned music professionals can provide direction and introduction to decision makers in the film and music industry.

I.  Exceptional Metro-Detroit musicians can audition for the performance band.

J.  Radio stations can put our music in rotation.

K.  Celebrities can endorse our music.

L.  Radio and television talk shows can schedule me as a guest (anyone know Oprah?)

M.  Angel investors/venture capitalists with ties in and/or knowledge of the music industry can invest.

N.  Socially conscious businesses can hire us to write advertising jingles.

O.  Facebook users can join the fan page @

P.  Twitter users can follow me @

Q.  Listeners can become members of and spread the word.

R.  Interested businesses and individuals can engage us in joint ventures.

S.  Music promoters and marketers can provide advice by contacting us.

T.  Reporters and journalists can write about our brand of music.

U – Z.  We are open to other ideas and can be reached at or 586-585-2626.

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