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Interview With Pamela Skillings of ‘Escape From Corporate America’

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Ladies & gentlemen, first of all, Happy Independence Day!! Last year today, I wrote a piece Aspiring Entrepreneurs’ Declaration of Independence that I highly suggest you guys re-visit and write one of your own!! And to mark this Independence Day, I present you a video interview with Pamela Skillings, a successful entrepreneur, a certified career coach, and the author of Escape from Corporate America: A Practical Guide to Creating the Career of Your Dreams, a career guide for entrepreneurs and other renegades.

Pamela frequently writes and speaks about career topics. She is a regular contributor and her writing has also appeared in The New York Times and other publications. She has been quoted as a career expert in Newsweek, Forbes, Investors Business Daily,, the Miami Herald, and on ABC News. Her company, Skillful Communications, provides consulting and coaching on communication and career development issues for organizations and individuals.

As someone who walked away from the security of a six-figure job and a twelve-year corporate career to start her own business in 2005, she is one of those perfect guests to preach us on the “Employee To Entrepreneur” transition. She has helped hundreds of unhappy employee Escape from Corporate America to happiness and independence of entrepreneurship so, check this interview out to get started with your escape from corporate America…


Success to all!!

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